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We use these interesting technologies to verify your identity for government-mandated electronic registration! Renting residential or commercial properties in Thane is usually done under permission and license. The registration of the holiday and license document proves the validity and applicability of the document. To prove a dispute between the parties, the agreement must be submitted to the court. However, if such an agreement is not registered, this agreement will not be enforceable and will not be approved by the court. In the state of Maharashtra, a holiday and licensing agreement must be registered for any period of time, even for less than one year. More details in the blog. The provisions relating to holidays and licences are set out in the INDIAN EASEMENT ACT, 1882 in SS. 52 to 64 inclusive. The implementation of these provisions is governed by the MAHARASHTRA RENT CONTROL ACT 1999. Advantage for owners: High quality properties are safe and secured by a holiday and licensing agreement. Disputes can only be resolved in court if the agreement is registered.

Benefit for tenants: The tenant has made a refundable deposit to the landlord, which is documented in the vacation and license agreement. The tenant`s deposit is guaranteed by this agreement and the landlord is legally obliged to return the deposit at the end of the contractual period. Disputes can only be resolved in court if the agreement is registered. Anulom has been the pioneer of vacation home service and license registration and is an authorized service provider with the lowest fees! DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION OF HOLIDAYS AND LICENSES (NO HARD COPY REQUIRED) – > Licensor (owner): Aadhar card number and PAN card number > Licensee (tenant): Aadhar card number > Property documents: Land number, Survey number, Hissa number or survey number applicable in the region SPECIMENS > Leave and license format Example > Registered contract template The government has launched a major initiative for promote Aadhar for trouble-free verification used. We are the pioneers when it comes to making this accessible to the masses! In some cities, we work with Dabbawalas to provide in-home service! These enterprising people with their optimized Six Sigma process offer great added value to our customers. We have a lot of ideas that we put into practice! Simply sign up and claim credit rewards up to ₹555. Log in now before offers expire! We develop and innovate 24/7 to make the experience better and smarter for you. Next-generation technology to ensure we don`t have to process insecure hard copies of important documents We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to link every part of the process and helps you track it online from any internet-connected device! The use of biometrics ensures quick identification and, most importantly, helps you sign up at home! Real-time verification ensures that it is not only accurate, but also secure. Aadhar is the government`s flagship program which is a unique identifier for all the Indians we support. Get an additional discount of Rs 50 if you make your payment within the first 2 days. If these ideas are put into practice, you can expect Anulom to become better at serving you and surprising you more often with a service that is outrageous in these times and in this sector! The government has ordered and introduced the next generation of services that will be based on Aadhaar. We hope to be the first to bring each of these services to your door, making traditionally heavy tasks very easy and convenient.

They offer last mile and door service with their famous reliability and ingenuity. They are a familiar face, know the different places well and focus on providing great service! This helps us ensure an uninterrupted and seamless service that is tightly integrated with modern technologies. It helps us innovate quickly to improve your convenience. Your friendly dabbawala neighborhood and our technology make a great magic run! Try it with us to find out how they do it. Bring your friends on board and earn Rs 50 on their first transaction. .