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A new online experience If you`ve never set up your Home Depot 2% RPOA before because it seems too difficult or too difficult, here`s a quick and easy-to-follow guide to help you get started. You deserve to win the big discounts offered by The Home Depot and win your discount. Members save thousands and earn hundreds of discounts. When adding your credit or debit card to the payment, don`t forget to check the „Yes, I have one” box under „Do you have a contract code?” and enter the NREIA code. This should be done for every card you enter. Being part of a club® that works with The Home Depot has its advantages. For many subscriptions, you can get discounts, discounts, and volume prices for various Purchases from The Home Depot. It is important that you add these subscriptions to your Pro Xtra ® account so that the benefits still apply to your expenses. Each association that works with The Home Depot has its own contract code, discount period, and amount. Just follow the steps below to add your mappings to your account.

Adding and managing users HammerZen has partnered with some of the associations to offer discounts and benefits to their members. If you do not know your association`s contractual code, please contact your association to obtain the discount code. John Ross Director of Marketing, Business Development Phone: (703) 837-5352 Email: More than 100 associations work with The Home Depot, including: Special note: Local Home Depot employees may not be aware of the discount program or discounts you receive as an ORAR member. The only way to make sure you get what you deserve is to sign up for the Home Depot Pro program with your payment methods. If you are not a member of an association and do not receive a discount, please contact us; We can find a solution that suits you. As part of national accounts agreements, you should be able to see all the associations you have linked to your account. You should also ask the association of which you are a member if it is affiliated with us, HammerZen. HammerZen is also a partner of NREIA and other associations that offer exclusive prices and discounts.

The Home Depot now offers super discounted devices exclusively for APRP members as part of the national NREIA program. More information can be found here. The Home Depot has the tools to help you do it faster. With convenient purchases, delivery the way you need it, dedicated professional support, and a cash back program*, we`ll help you achieve your business goals. Below is an example of a user who is a member of the National Real Estate Investor Association (also known as NREIA), an association that works with The Home Depot. Because their membership is linked to their Pro Xtra account, they receive discounts and volume prices on their Home Depot purchases. Are you a cash customer? No problem. Simply get a Home Depot gift card, register it with your Home Depot Pro account as described above, and keep it with cash. You earn big savings and discounts like everyone else! We develop the online tools you need, as well as the same excellent Pro Xtra services to help you save time, stay organized and control your budget. Do more with The Home Depot Pro.

To view your subscriptions, go to Account Management in the left menu bar. Add or connect existing users to your Pro account for overall spend transparency. . Control which credit and debit cards are associated with your corporate accounts. .